Shreeji Steno

Shreeji Hindi & English Steno & Typing Classes, Jaipur

Meaning of Stenography

Stenography is the art and science of communication. In a way which hides the existence of the communication. Stenography comprises skills in Shorthand, Transcription and Typewriting. It is indispensable in business, profession, vocation and administration-wherever it is desirable to have a quick and verbatim record of the spoken words. The skill is being included in the curriculum as many students have the aptitude towards this particular area. Besides, its knowledge provides early employment opportunities. It is expected that the learners, after getting training in this field, will not face difficulty in getting suitable jobs.


This course aims at enabling learners to:

  1. Develop skills in Stenography (quick written communication).
  2. Improve essential traits and behavior patterns e.g. Concentration, judgement, initiative cultivate vocational skills for gainful employment in steno typing.

Job Opportunities

  • Self-Employment: Taking up secretarial related work on contract form various Government offices, Opening small institute to impart training regarding Stenography.
  • Wage Employment: Stenographers, Office Assistants and Clerk in private sector as well as in Government sector on contact basis.

Duration of Course:

  • For Hindi Steno - 3 Months (Improve your shorthand speed in 1 month).
  • For English Steno - 5 Months (Improve your shorthand speed in 1 month).

At present special steno classes running for:

  1. Special Batches for SSC Steno Examination 2018 (Hindi/English).
  2. Special Batches for RSMSSB, Jaipur for Steno Examination (Hindi/English).
  3. Special Batches for Speed in both Steno Language(Hindi/English).
  4. Typing Learning / Speed / Efficiency Classes for LDC Typing Examination RSMSSB, Jaipur.
  5. SSC Steno Examination 2018 Steno speed special batch.
  6. New learning Steno batches for SSC Steno Examination Candidates.
  7. Steno classes for Stenographer Examination in CRPF
  8. To achieve the speed of 80-120 WPM
  9. To learn stenography Hindi/English in short time.
  10. To learn typing Hindi/English in short time on computer.

For the student:

  1. The steno & typing classes functions all week throughout the year. (Expect Sunday).
  2. Timing daily 06:00 am to 09:15 am (Morning) and 6:15 pm to 09:00 pm (Evening).
  3. All the Shorthand students of the classes are allowed to attend as many classes as they can sit in steno classes without any additional fee.
  4. Individual attention is paid to the all students.
Student's of Shreeji Hindi & English Steno/Typing Classes

What Is Steno Good For?

Now for the big question: Why do this? Why spend time and money developing a free program to let people type at 250 words per minute? What is steno good for? I can think of a few groups that might benefit from free steno technology:


People who don't use their voices to communicate, who would benefit from using a synthesized voice that can speak at conversational speeds.


Writers, programmers, and other people who spend a lot of time working with text, who would like to set down their thoughts in a more fluent, natural way, rather than having to type them out laboriously, letter by letter.

People who want to avoid or ameliorate the risk of repetitive motion disorders such as tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

People interested in mobile/wearable computing and augmented reality.

People who want to break onto the high score tables of online typing games, or who spent months teaching themselves the Dvorak keyboard layout for -- at most -- a 20% increase in speed, because they want to do everything as quickly and efficiently as possible.


People who might be interested in court reporting, captioning, or CART (communication access realtime transcription) as a career, but who don't want to invest thousands of dollars in equipment, software, and training fees before knowing for sure whether it's the job for them.

  • “ It is a good place to learn the stenographer language, and the sir will always check the exercises particular students. With the help of this coaching we can achieve our best job in stenographer. ”

    Mukesh Prajapati

    Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • “ I have visited many short hand classes before but it is the best among them, Sir helps us a lot. Weekly test, and revision classes and their teaching method is different but Good. ”

    Manoj Prajapati

    Jaipur, Rajasthan